Tuesday, August 14, 2012

always on my mind

It's funny how I can't seem to get my mind off of my dad and his camera store. I think about it all the time. Then the other day I came across some old photos and found this one taken around 1980. I believe it was taken by my dad, or maybe my brother, trying a new filter system and double exposing this image. When you work at a camera store you are often the subject of "test" shots. I looked at this photo and remembering it thought, "how ironic it is 30 some years later and I love that it represents how I feel today".  That Colony Camera Shop is always on my mind!  This month was the month of annual family reunions and one of them was my dad's side. His remaining 6 siblings and their families were all there. I always have a great time catching up with family and listening to old stories. I have become the family photographer and historian of old photos. One of my aunts has done the genealogy work and I am working with her to put something together with the old photos. It makes my heart sing knowing I am doing something my dad would have loved and the family truly appreciates it.  I am not sure I am any closer to accomplishing my ultimate dream but I know I am enjoying the day to day journey of what is, and am truly okay with whatever the outcome as long as I can hope, dream and smile along the way.  Dad, you are always on my mind-