Tuesday, November 6, 2018

This is a memories and more post

It’s been 5 years since I have posted! So much has happened in 5 years! I won’t go into detail but I now have 4 grandchildren! The loves of my life! Can’t even explain! My new normal is trying to live the best life I can live. Trying to be the best version of me! I am focused on clean eating, workouts and mindset meditations! Danette May came into my life in July 2017. Some family members I thought were family members are no longer family members. It has been a sad change, but a change I have no control over.  I am focusing on me and what I can focus on. I am meeting new, energized, wonderful women along the way.  While I still love photography, think about my dad, daily, and try to focus on what feeds my soul, I am all in on my journey of love, life, and self discovery ❤️❤️❤️. I have released 65 pounds since I have been here last. I am just starting to truly find me and I’m not going to lie, I am a little scared. I only know that so far I am feeling better than I have (since I don’t know when). I am blessed! To be continued...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Every Fleeting Thing

My dear friend Sandy Tully (Sandra Miranda Tully) wrote a beautiful book of poetry. When her book was published everyone was so excited for her. The book, "Every Fleeting Thing" is amazing! Many of the poems reflect Sandy's struggles and experiences of overcoming several life threatening cancers. Our church held a special summer evening of poetry, where we heard Sandy and her son Michael. Michael played piano, sang, and accompanied many of Sandy's poems. Sandy read poems. What a beautiful evening and treat! Many of my photo note cards were used for participants to comment to Sandy about the evening. I was honored when asked if the evening could end with the audience using my photo note cards for comments rather than just filling out another evaluation of a program. Sandy got to read comments about the amazing evening and her poems on my photo note cards. For more information on Sandy and her book go to www.everyfleetingthing.com    For more information about my photo note cards email me at debbiekusch@yahoo.com or leave a comment here. Thanks for your visit, I appreciate it!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hard to say Goodbye

 It was 7 years ago June 30 that my dad passed and this year on July 13 we lost my father-in-law, Jack. My in-laws live on a beautiful lake in Northern Wisconsin. Sunsets every night, boat rides around the lake and watching the Eagles overhead were just a few highlights of each visit. Spending time up north with family was always fun and many of the photos I took were used in some photo note cards I had made. When my father-in-law passed, my mother-in-law asked me if I would make photo note cards for her to use as her thank yous after his funeral. I was truly honored and knew every photo would remind each recipient of Jack and their lake home. I made just over 100 cards for her, praying with each one, for Jack, the recipient, and my mother-in law, Judy. These photos are just a few samples. We have so many great memories of Pine Lake visits; 32 years worth for me and more for my husband, Mark, and his family.  Life is precious and we don't know when our time here on earth will end. It makes me truly cherish my family and friends even more. I know Jack is smiling down on us all and we have another guardian watching over us. We love you and miss you dad!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Creative renewal!

It's been a long time since I felt like blogging much less creating anything; too long! I just spent an amazing 24 hours with Teresa, one of my biggest cheerleaders, at part of an artists retreat in Lake Geneva. We laughed, chatted and shared where we each are on our journey. I truly cherish that I have someone I can really talk with who I feel "gets me". Thanks Teresa for your listening and encouraging words. I got back a little spark or nudge to do more with my photo note cards. I will share when I get the creative ideas out of my head and onto the paper!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life is what happens when you are too busy to blog!

Wow I can't believe I haven't blogged since November! I knew it's been awhile but I thought maybe a month or two.  Where does the time go? I have not had a chance to work on any photo note cards since before Thanksgiving. I have taken a lot of snow pictures and thought about making some cards but haven't. In the past month our middle daughter got engaged and our oldest daughter found out she is pregnant and making me a grandma! I somehow think I might become more preoccupied than I have been. I look forward to creating baby scrapbooks and an engagement scrapbook. I am looking forward to spring, warmer weather and an overnight with other artists at an artists retreat in April. Maybe that will help me get re-inspired to create! Hoping to blog sooner than last time!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Widgets, Gadgets, and Buttons, Oh My!

I have spent the last day and a half trying to figure out and add buttons and gadgets! I am still trying. Thanks to Teresa who came up for a day long visit to show me some how to's and new tricks. Our visit went so fast but was so much fun. Two of the new buttons I did manage to add are her blog sites. Try them and let me know if they worked for you and learn more about her! I am still trying to add a button for my blog for you to grab. I haven't exactly figured it out but am determined to keep trying. This stuff takes hours. I think I managed to add a favicon but it's pretty small so I may change it. I have a 225 page PDF from the Flying Lessons e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts that has many tips, I just need to spend the time learning it. If I realize the baby steps I've taken a long the way and would have more confidence in my learning, I think I am doing okay, I just want to know more now. Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment.
Debbie :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Artist Date

In addition to the Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons e-course, I am reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Both of these great resources were recommended to me by my friend Teresa. I am grateful to her for these suggestions! In The Artists Way, Julia suggests writing 3 pages every day to get cluttered stuff out of your head to make room for creativity, and going on weekly artist dates to soak up that creativity that's all around. The writing is going okay but I haven't managed to do it everyday. The artist date though, I think I could manage weekly!  After work last night I went to JoAnn and just walked the aisles. I looked at papers, embellishments, stickers, idea books, stamps, just about everything. I love being able to go in there when I don't have to rush or I don't have a specific list or agenda.  With all the new blogs I've visited it's fun to see all the beautiful things people make. Then going up and down all those aisles, it makes me want to take time to create. I had fun and managed to spend some fun money. I think I'd like to commit to this weekly artist date thing! I am continually amazed at the talent of so many "Flyers". The energy, tips, and resources shared by all is a great way to learn and share and grow (or should I say soar)! Off to learn how to add "grab a button".  Watch as I progress and "show and tell" what I am learning. Enjoying the flight so far-