Sunday, September 30, 2012

El Rey and the Night Beats

Last night I attended the 55th anniversary reunion concert of El Rey and the Night Beats.  El Rey and the Night Beats is a very well known original Waukesha (Wisconsin) Band.  I proudly tell people that my dad was the original lead singer! From about 1957-1960 my dad sang and played his Gretch guitar. The ladies loved him. He was like Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley all in one.  I had the privilege of hearing my dad sing at a few reunions the band had. My dad would record and take photos of the many reunions and send copies to all the band members. These are great memories for me. I attended their 50th reunion in 2007, about a year after my dad died.  They had a tribute to my dad and other original members played. I took many photos and was moved to tears.  This past July and August I attended another events they played for and took more photos. Knowing I was going to the 55th reunion last night I printed some pictures and burned over 100 of the photos I had taken on to CD's for the band. As I gave the photographs and CD's to the band, I said, "my dad passed the job of taking pictures on to me". I truly believe that too.

This photo is one of the original photos of the band. My dad is the one standing in front of the microphone. I can still hear him singing "It's only make believe" by Conway Twitty and "One night with you" by Elvis- songs he'd sing to my mom.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New facebook page!

I just created a new facebook page for photographsmemoriesandmore! I am on week 2 of Kelly Rae's Flying lessons and am very overwhelmed! One suggestion she had was to have a separate facebook page for my business. I am still so new at all this but I started it and can beautify it as I learn more. I also need to learn more about my blog and enhancing it, adding buttons and widgets???? All so confusing but I will look back on this someday and think-it's all so easy. Maybe! You can find me on facebook at   Stop by for a visit and "like me" Thanks!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts

Tomorrow I begin a 6 week e course with Kelly Rae Roberts.  I am looking forward to learning creative ways to help me in growing my creative business and being inspired by her. My friend Teresa took this course last year and loved it! She let me know right away when it was offered this year and told me not to miss it. Stay tuned as I share my experiences and thoughts during this course.  Kelly Rae's blog is: