Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prayerfully recycled logo

One of the unique aspects of my photo notes cards is that I use (or should I say reuse) card stock that was originally a cover of a worship booklet from my parish. I have made my Christmas cards with this card stock for years and have always been touched that the cards I made were prayed with by so many people. Even though it is really that I am "re-purposing" the paper, I thought calling it "Prayerfully Recycled" would be a catchy and unique name. This is my new logo for the note cards! I would like to thank Jon Baran, Amy Kusch, and my supportive husband, Mark Kusch for helping me with the design. I would especially like to thank Terri Field for her expertise in designing the logo. I am excited to share this and believe that each new step forward is a step toward reaching my goal. I will continue to reach!