Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prayerfully recycled logo

One of the unique aspects of my photo notes cards is that I use (or should I say reuse) card stock that was originally a cover of a worship booklet from my parish. I have made my Christmas cards with this card stock for years and have always been touched that the cards I made were prayed with by so many people. Even though it is really that I am "re-purposing" the paper, I thought calling it "Prayerfully Recycled" would be a catchy and unique name. This is my new logo for the note cards! I would like to thank Jon Baran, Amy Kusch, and my supportive husband, Mark Kusch for helping me with the design. I would especially like to thank Terri Field for her expertise in designing the logo. I am excited to share this and believe that each new step forward is a step toward reaching my goal. I will continue to reach!


  1. LOVE IT! The logo fits with your purpose. Isn't it exciting to see the "whole" plan coming together. I, also, would like to tell you that the blog post was good. I know you and it sounded like you were talking to me. Good Job!!!

  2. THANK YOU! I appreciate your feedback. It is exciting!

  3. Great! You're getting closer each day it seems! Very impressive:) Jon, by the way, was very impressed w/ what you came up with for packaging! He mentioned it a couple times after we left the other week:)

    1. Thanks for the encouraging feedback! I love that you are following my blog and my progress. You are a loved cheerleader (Jon too!)