Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slow, but moving forward...

Wow, it's really been a while since I have written.  As I fit my hobby, dream, new found passion of a card making business into my "life", I am making progress.  I have been working on creating an efficient work space, organizing my "work room". ( Hence the photo).  I finalized my logo for my cards, tweaked my solicitation letters and created the packaging for the sets of cards.  I have sent about 5 sets of samples cards with the letters to some Sedona businesses.  So far I have had one "no thank you" response.  I am considering it a "no thank you" as opposed to a rejection, because not only is that a more positive way of approaching it, I am really guessing at some of the businesses and the cards might not be something they would "normally" carry. So I will keep trying, since there are so many businesses in Sedona.  I will also try businesses other than Sedona and keep my options open.  I plan to start creating more photo note cards that are, in general, for all audiences and locations.  I am still enjoying the process and wish I could do more than I am able to at this time, but for now I will just keep doing what I can.

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  1. Hey girl!
    It's nice to know what you have been up to. One step in front of the other is all it takes and you, my dear friend, are doing just that. Your work space will help you accomplish your dream. It will be that special place to create. Be sure to let mw know when it's done and I will be heading your way. Have fun in Florida!