Sunday, January 29, 2012

Continually Inspired!

After putting together photo note cards, ideas for packaging them, info to the buyer about my cards and paper; "prayerfully recycled" and letters to potential business prospects, I headed to Naperville to share my vision with my newest cheerleader, Teresa. Not only did I have a great time reconnecting with her, she gave me such encouraging feedback and great suggestions.  I am really energized to keep going with confidence that the work I have done so far is really good. Thanks Teresa! Your very being inspires me. I truly do think I have met my soul sister.  The artwork you have created is energizing and beautiful and I know you will be a successful late bloomer!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cards, cards and more cards

In my free time I have been busy making lots of new photo note cards.  Some from Sedona, San Diego, some flowers and some from retreats I have taken.   I have made close to 300 cards.   I have developed a logo and am tweaking it so I can copyright or trademark it.  I have put together a short blurb to add to the cards about the "prayerfully recycled" paper and a letter to potential vendors.  I am most confused about a quality "packaging" look.  I continue to take on the challenge of trying again and again because I not only love the cards but I think a lot of people will love them too.   I may also try to see if I can sell any.   I continue to get feedback and support from others and appreciate that so much.   It's fun to really look at things I take pictures of and think of this angle and that angle and the lighting and subject, etc. etc.   I am still working on learning to watermark my photos before I put them on line.   Below is a blurb I created:

Each note card is handcrafted by me; everything from taking the photo, printing the photo, cutting the paper to size, and carefully adhering all layers individually to each other with a high quality adhesive. In addition, not only do I prayerfully think about the recipient while creating each card, the paper, a high quality cardstock, was previously used as a cover of an Order of Worship Mass Booklet in my parish and was prayed with by many before it became your note card, thus the name “prayerfully recycled”.  It is my hope and prayer that you, the purchaser, get as much joy from looking at and purchasing them as I did creating them and that the receiver of these cards enjoys and feels the love, beauty and prayer each card was intended for. 
Thanks for your purchase!
Love and Prayers,

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