Thursday, April 18, 2013

Creative renewal!

It's been a long time since I felt like blogging much less creating anything; too long! I just spent an amazing 24 hours with Teresa, one of my biggest cheerleaders, at part of an artists retreat in Lake Geneva. We laughed, chatted and shared where we each are on our journey. I truly cherish that I have someone I can really talk with who I feel "gets me". Thanks Teresa for your listening and encouraging words. I got back a little spark or nudge to do more with my photo note cards. I will share when I get the creative ideas out of my head and onto the paper!


  1. Photography is an art. Photography also helps to memorize the time spend with friends and relatives. I had a collection of photos of my friends and relatives with whom I have worked.
    --Deepak Kamani

  2. AW...Debbie
    I love spending time with you, too. When we are together I feel I can truly be myself. You have such an easy going spirit which makes other people comfortable. We did laugh a lot and even my smiles made a noise. We'll have to d it again sometime, soon. YES I want to see what you do with your cards. Practice steeping just even a little out of your comfort zone. You'll be truly amazed at the results. By the way, I did notice you used Photoshop for the text on the photo. Way to go!!!!!!