Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day One

I did it! I just created a domain and blog. I really am not quite sure exactly what I am doing yet but I have to start somewhere.  While in Sedona on a 30th anniversary vacation with Mark I met an amazing person who has encouraged me to move out of my fear of trying to do something new; something I "want" to do.  I took over 1500 pictures in Sedona which also inspired me to try something new. I am passionate about photography, scrapbooking, card making and crafty things in general, beading, stamping, etc.  I want to try to do something with this passion.  The excitement and energy I feel when sharing my new dream, showing my work, talking about my dad and his love of photography keeps telling me I have to try something.  I feel this is a good start- telling my story and searching for the strength to follow my dreams.


  1. YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH! You did it! The first step is under way, just keep stepping!!! I got goose bumps reading this. I am so proud and happy for you.

  2. Debbie I got to your website through your blog article 'I'm a late bloomer' that Teresa posted in the e-course group that I was in. I love your website. I love that you are a late bloomer, it's never too late. This is so awesome. And I love your photography... love your Sedona photos especially. :)

    Wishing you much continued success with your hobby and business. Thank you for writing about your experiences and inspiring others like me.

  3. Thank you Suzanne for visiting and for the kind words. I appreciate it!