Thursday, April 19, 2012

Encouraging words!

I have really only sold my photo notecards through co-workers so far. I have sold a few outside of work, but for the most part it has been through just showing co-workers what I have "done" so far.  One co-worker, Barb, has purchased a few of my "sets of 6 cards" and sent them as gifts.  She received an email from one of her recipients, Becky from New Hampshire, thanking her for the "gift" and how much she loved the cards. My co-worker sent the email to me to share Becky's excitement of her gift.  I was so touched by Becky's energy and love of the cards, it truly put a smile on my face and warmed my heart. Thank you Becky for the kind words! Thank you Barb for your continued support and purchases!  I just finished about 75 cards from my St. Augustine trip and love each one. Now I just have to figure out how to get the word out and sell them to more than co-workers. With permission, the following is an excerpt from Becky's email.

Sent: Sat, Apr 14, 2012 9:07 am
Subject: WOW

The photo cards, printed on (previous) covers of prayer books are AMAZING!  I can feel their spiritual energy, just holding them in my hands.  I LOVE them because you thought of me when seeing them, packaging them for mailing, and writing the note to me. And I LOVE them because of all they represent... all-good (make that great!) juju that went into them by Debbie.

It will feel like a serious sacrifice to actually write on them and mail them to someone.  I will be sure that each and every card is handled with care and love and sent to people who can and will appreciate their meaning.  I guess I'm over-reacting here, but really, Barb...I am blown away by their beauty and the loving thought put into the effort. And that they came from YOUR church?!  I am truly blessed by them..each and every one of them.

I might frame one to keep. BUT which one?!  Feels kind of selfish, but I might!!

Many thanks, good friend, and I send blessings right back to you.


  1. What a heartwarming message from Becky! That's what it is all about.
    I am soooooo happy for you. You are doing it girl. Step by step. I'm anxious to see them. If you want to put our heads together to spread the word just give me a call some time.
    Love, Teresa

    1. Thanks for your comment! It really helps. I would like to learn how you did your Etsy shop and see how that goes for you. I love your art and think your prices are very reasonable, I just wonder how many people 'shop' Etsy and how they come across your work without knowing you. I know word of mouth will help and I will make sure I do my part :) I wish you lots of luck with it!!!