Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day!

I just returned from a weekend retreat with a theme "Healing the World from the Inside Out". One of the most touching points was how we brought the intention of holding the earth, and all, in love.  It not only was a grace filled weekend with co workers and friends, it was a real reminder that taking care of the earth is crucial for the future of human kind! I went home thinking I really want to start a garden again. My grandma was a gardener and I so admired her steadfast care for her flowers, fruit trees and vegetables.

One affirming thought I had was on how I share in the awesome responsibility of taking part in taking care of the earth in that I reuse the card stock covers of the church worship booklets for all my cards. It feels good to know what I love to create is from something that has worn out it's significant purpose for another significant purpose.

I took 284 pictures this weekend. Flowers, Lake Michigan, rocks, and the things I love about the Siena Retreat Center in Racine.  I even took some "photo notecards" I had made from pictures I had taken on past retreats to see if they might sell them in their bookstore. At this time they said no, they have lots of cards and don't have a lot of room. I took that as another "no thank you" and still hold hope that something, someday will take off  for me. I really trust this and will continue to create as it re-energizes me in my day to day routines.

Happy Earth Day!

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