Wednesday, May 16, 2012

coaching, classes, growth

I feel like I'm on fire! In just 1 week I have signed up for a 4 hour workshop on starting a business at our local community college, Kelly Rae Roberts September e-course, Amy Ahlers, Wake up Call Coaching "Big Fat Lies Summit" and Brene' Brown's "I thought it was just me" e-course on shame resilience.  I have already listened to some of the Big Fat Lies Summit and Brene' Brown- wow these women are amazing and I think just what I need for encouragement and growth. I am so grateful for all the women who can embrace and share their wisdom and enthusiasm for those of us who need it. I will try to add their links to this blog, but I am still to new at this blog stuff. Until next time!

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  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!! I can feel your enthusiasm thru your words. Once the fire starts its almost impossible to put it out. That's a good thing. Keep us posted on your progress.