Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This photo was taken on Father's Day. It's my dad's headstone. This Saturday will be 6 years since he's passed. I wanted to share this because I truly feel his love of photography is engrained in every part of my being. Notice the art work on the headstone. We carefully crafted a design that would be symbolic of our family and especially my dad. He is standing behind his camera, which is on a tripod taking a picture of my family (my mom, my 2 brothers, and me). We couldn't forget the family dog, Tammy, a German Shepard who lived to be 14!  Every time I visit his grave this image reminds me of his unending love of photography and it makes me smile. I feel blessed to know he truly lives on in me, and my siblings and my children.  I love you dad!

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